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Marie Stopes Australia

Marie Stopes Australia is a national, independently accredited safe abortion, vasectomy and contraception provider helping women and men take control of their reproductive lives.

Marie Stopes' patients are supported by a specialised team of practitioners. They provide, at no added cost, access to support services, including pre-care, counselling, 24-hour aftercare, and interpreters – ensuring patients receive the best standard of care before, during and after their appointment with Marie Stopes Australia.

Marie Stopes Australia has cared for more than 600,000 Australians in the almost 20 years they have led national sexual and reproductive health provision in this country. In that time, they have worked to expand access, investing their own funds to bring medical abortion to Australia, through their non-profit pharmaceutical company MS Health.

The Marie Stopes 'profit for purpose' model allows them to offer reduced cost and free services on a needs basis with their own funds, through their community partners, and increasingly with the support of private donors. Profits generated in Australia also help support family planning programs in the region, through the work of Marie Stopes International Australia.

Marie Stopes Australia is a non-profit organisation, part of the Marie Stopes International global partnership, which provides family planning services to over 25 million people in need each year.

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