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HealthEngine makes finding and booking health appointments quick and easy, helping patients connect with quality health practitioners, browse practitioner availability and book an appointment when it suits them - online, 24/7.

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Breast cancer: Risks, signs and symptoms, screening, and how to assess your own breasts: Professor Christobel Saunders | HealthEngine Blog

Professor Christobel Saunders explains breast cancer risks, signs and symptoms, screening, and how to assess your own breasts.

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Glaucoma | HealthEngine Blog

Glaucoma, a group of disorders affecting the eyes, is a leading cause of blindness. Increased intraocular pressure damages eye tissues and the optic nerve.

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Supraspinatus tendinitis (painful arc syndrome) | HealthEngine Blog

Supraspinatus tendinitis or painful arc syndrome is shoulder pain caused by inflammation or tears in the tendons of the shoulder joint.

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Therapeutic Thoracentesis (Pleural Effusion Drainage) | HealthEngine Blog

Therapeutic thoracentesis samples pleural effusion in the lungs to check for disease. Symtoms of lung disease may include shortness of breath, chest pain and cough.

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Spinal cord cancer: Lymphoma | HealthEngine Blog

Lymphoma of the spinal cord usually occurs when cancer metastasises from other organs. The cancer is rarely caused by a primary tumour of the spinal cord.

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Elevated Ammonia Levels: Cause & Symptoms | HealthEngine Blog

Last updated: 11 December 2017

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Walking Bleach Technique (Tooth Whitening) | HealthEngine Blog

The walking bleach technique is used to whiten teeth that have had root canal treatments. It involves bleaching the tooth from the inside of the tooth.

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Intraventricular conduction blocks | HealthEngine Blog

Intraventricular conduction blocks refer to obstructions of electrical signals in the heart, due to dysfunction in the fibres of the heart ventricles.

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MRIs: What Theyre For, Preparation, Procedure & Results Explained | HealthEngine Blog

By HealthEngine

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Flatulence (gas) | HealthEngine Blog

Medical information about cause of flatulence gas and cure of flatulence commonly called farting.

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