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Headache Australia

The two most prevalent are migraine and chronic headache. Both are neurological disorders but disparate conditions. These areas are underfunded considering the personal, social and economic disbenefits to the community.

Headache Australia supports research and provides information about management of headaches for those suffering and is building a national register to deliver better outcomes for those suffering. As is common with neurological research, much more needs to be done.

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Last reviewed: May 2014

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Headache Management - Headache Australia

Towards a Better Life Headache is a very individual condition. It is not life threatening but it can profoundly affect quality of life. Headache sufferers are uniquely placed in that they can determine factors common to their own condition, learn more about their own condition and headache in general, and develop a plan to manage... Read more

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Headache and Pain Clinics - Headache Australia

Headache and pain clinics are normally located at major hospitals and may be conducted by specialist doctors or multidisciplinary teams taking a holistic approach to treatment. A referral from a general practitioner is generally required. ACT Pain Management UnitBuilding 8, Canberra HospitalYamba DriveGarran, ACT 2605 (02) 6244-3055 NEW SOUTH WALES The Combined Neurology... Read more

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Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension (IIH) - Headache Australia

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Avoiding triggers - Headache Australia

Factors that trigger migraines vary from person to person. Identifying triggers may be complicated by the fact that it often takes a combination of triggers to set off a migraine. For some people, migraines may be triggered by certain foods, such as chocolate or aged cheeses, or red wine. In others, stress or too little... Read more

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Is preventive treatment right for me? - Headache Australia

Answer the four questions below to find out if preventive medication may be right for you. 1. In any given month, do you have two or more migraine attacks that impact your daily activities for three or more days? Yes No 2. Do recurring migraines have a significant impact on your daily routines, despite acute... Read more

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Help loved ones cope with your migraine - Headache Australia

While you may be the one who endures the pain of a migraine attack, your family, friends and colleagues often experience some impact, too. A disabling migraine may cause you to miss your lunch date, client meeting or your sons big soccer game. As a result, loved ones may become frustrated, resentful or disappointed. Understand... Read more

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Migraine Management Tips - Headache Australia

Take note: track your condition in a headache diary Its important to be organized and informed about your migraine attacks and how they impact your life. Tracking this information in a headache diary and then sharing the details with your physician will help ensure that you and your healthcare provider can put together an effective... Read more

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Treatment Options - Headache Australia

It is important to discuss with your healthcare professional your treatment options. If the medication that you are currently on is ineffective, there may be other treatment options that will be effective. Medications are available that you can take when you start to experience a migraine attack to help reduce the symptoms associated with migraine.... Read more

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Acute medication - Headache Australia

Acute medications are treatments taken at the onset of a migraine attack to reduce the symptoms associated with migraine. There are a variety of medications available for the acute treatment of migraines, depending upon the severity of the attack. Medications used at the onset of migraines include: Aspirin or other nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs Paracetamol Ergotamine... Read more

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Headache Types - Headache Australia

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