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CanTeen supports young people aged 12-25 when cancer turns their world upside down. Whether it’s their own diagnosis or a close family member’s, CanTeen helps young people cope with the impact that cancer has on their life and connect them with others their age who are in the same boat.

For young cancer patients, CanTeen additionally provides specialist, youth-specific treatment teams in hospitals across the country. By feeling understood and supported, young people develop resilience and can rebuild the foundations that crumbled beneath them when cancer crashed in to their world and shattered everything. That’s how CanTeen is the difference.

CanTeen works by having young people at the centre of everything they do. Combined with leading edge research into the emotional and social impacts of cancer, it ensures that CanTeen truly understands how cancer is different in a young person’s world.

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Acute Promyelocytic Leukaemia Information & Support | Cancer

Acute promyelocytic leukaemia is characterised by a switching of two chromosomes within the DNA. Learn more about causes and treatments with CanTeen.

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Ewing's Sarcoma - Information, Treatment & Support | CanTeen

Ewing's Sarcoma is a bone cancer that primarily affects young people, especially teenagers. Learn more about causes, diagnosis and treatments with CanTeen.

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Fertility preservation for females - Cancer treatments

This page explains some of the fertility preservation options available to you before you start treatment

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Your daily life and routines will change when you're dealing with a parent's cancer. Learn more and get information, help and support with CanTeen.

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Counselling and Individual Support | CanTeen Australia

CanTeen provides free and confidential counselling for young people dealing with a close family member's cancer or their own.

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Support around fertility - Cancer treatments

Finding out your treatment might make you infertile can be another massive blow - its normal to feel sad, anxious or angry.

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Cancer X Ray Testing | Cancer Diagnosis & Cancer Tests

X-rays are a form of electromagnetic radiation, just like visible light. There are many kinds of X Rays that doctors use to test different things.

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How My Parent's Cancer Affects Me | CanTeen Australia

If a parent has Cancer you're likely to be both worried about them and how their illness might affect you. Click to find help and support with CanTeen and NowWhat.

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Cancer in young people | Youth Cancer Services

Around 1,000 young people aged 15-25 are diagnosed with cancer in Australia every year. There are two main groups of cancer that young people get.

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Coping with treatment | Youth Cancer Services

The emotions you felt when first told the news you had cancer often come up again when you start treatment and can even intensify while youre having treatment and dealing with its effects

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