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Brand name: Double Strength Natural Vitamin E (Nature's Own) TM

Active ingredients: d-alpha-tocopherol

What it is used for

Helps maintain healthy arteries. Supports heart health. Maintains/supports healthy heart function. May assist peripheral circulation by inhibiting platelet aggregation. Helps support/maintain peripheral blood circulation, thereby alleviating cold hands and feet. Has antioxidant property. Vitamin E helps to protect LDL oxidation. An antioxidant that protects cell membranes and plasma lipoproteins from free radical damage. Helps maintain a healthy immune system. Helps maintain healthy eyes. Vitamin E provides relief of symptoms associated with PMS such as nervous tension, mood swings, irritability, anxiety, headaches, breast tenderness, abdominal bloating, sweet cravings, fatigue and insomnia. Helps maintain/support a healthy cardiovascular function/ system.

How to take it

The way to take this medicine is: Oral. This medicine is taken by mouth.

You should seek medical advice in relation to medicines and use only as directed by a healthcare professional.

Always read the label. If symptoms persist see your healthcare professional.

Do I need a prescription?

We are unable to tell you if you need a prescription for this medicine. You can ask your pharmacist.This medicine is Not Scheduled.

Reporting side effects

You can help ensure medicines are safe by reporting the side effects you experience.

You can report side effects to your doctor, or directly at

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