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Gene technology

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Last reviewed: July 2016

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Department of Health | Legislative and Governance Forum on Gene Technology

The Legislative and Governance Forum on Gene Technology was previously known as the Gene Technology Ministerial Council (Ministerial Council). The then Ministerial Council was established by the intergovernmental Gene Technology Agreement 2001, to govern the activities of theGene Technology Regulator

Read more on TGA – Therapeutic Goods Administration website

Gene Technology Standing Committee

The Gene Technology Standing Committee provides high level support to the Legislative and Governance Forum on Gene Technology (GT Forum). The GT Forum was previously known as Gene Technology Ministerial Council.

Read more on Department of Health website

The Gene Technology Agreement

The Gene Technology Agreement (GTA) is an inter-governmental agreement which sets out the understanding between Commonwealth, State and Territory governments regarding the establishment of a nationally consistent regulatory system for gene technology.

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Gene therapy | Better Health Channel

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Cytogenetics - Lab Tests Online AU

Everyone has 23 pairs of chromosomes, 22 pairs of autosomes and one pair of sex chromosomes. The science that relates to the study of these chromosomes is referred to as cytogenetics". Persons who look at chromosome preparations on slides are cytogenetic technologists or "cytogeneticists". A trained cytogeneticist examines the number, shape and staining pattern of these structures using special technologies. In this way, extra chromosomes, missing chromosomes, or rearranged chromosomes can be detected.

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Haemophilia - carrying the gene - Haemophilia Foundation Australia

Information on carrying the altered gene causing haemophilia for women. This answers questions such as can females have haemophilia; what the symptoms are; how to manage bleeding problems; pregnancy and childbirth; and tips from other women who carry the gene.

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The future - Lab Tests Online AU

With the completion of the Human Genome Project, we have learned that the word normal no longer has meaning when it comes to a persons genetic makeup. Genetic variations occur in great numbers in our genome (our total genetic makeup). We are all unique, not only in our personalities and appearance, but in our genotype as well.

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Haemoglobin Variants - Lab Tests Online AU

Haemoglobin is a molecule made up of two parts, an iron containing portion called haem and four amino acid chains that form the globin portion.

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Genetic testing - Cancer Council Australia

If you have a strong history of cancer in the family, genetic testing can be used to determine if you have the faulty gene. Find out more here.

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Scientists - Lab Tests Online AU

Laboratory scientists and technicians perform most testing. Some scientists in large laboratories specialise in a particular area. For instance, some can be morphologists, observing cells and cell patterns through the microscope; others can work with technical equipment, such as flow cytometry where they need to be able to set parameters and read results. Others, work with the very latest technologies and assays such as such as fluorescent in-situ hybridization (FISH) and the Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) investigating chromosomes and DNA.

Read more on Lab Tests Online website

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